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A chart from Organic Valley

Many companies trick people into believing that natural and organic are the same thing, but that is far from the truth! "Natural", "All-Natural", "100% Natural", etc. is just a scam to make you think that its good for you. The FDA doesn't regulate "all-natural" or the differences between natural and organic, so companies can use artificial ingredients in any products and still call them "all-natural" - yikes!

The proper definition for the word "natural" means "produced or existing in nature; not artificial." This means that animals and anything from the Earth can be called "all-natural". And I mean, anything. Natural foods are not supposed to contain any hormones, antibiotics or artificial flavors. In the United States, the USDA and FDA don't have rules regarding products labeled as "natural". You can't trust any "all-natural" products, because most are processed with artificial ingredients - yuck!

You certainly can't trust anything that isn't locally-farmed (see http://healthhappinessandhottness.blogspot.com/2011/08/un-friendly-farming-industry.html), so we all have to be picky to stay healthy, and now infants must be born into a world full of over-processed foods and products. Foods and products labeled "organic" don't contain any pesticides, antibiotics, growth hormones, or other chemicals. Those who produce anything labeled "organic" undergo inspections to reassure that everything is certified USDA organic.

Max Goldberg, a big voice in the organic food movement and someone I admire greatly recently shared an article on lawsuits regarding Kashi and Naked Juice. Kashi, a product of Kellog's, has been sued for using prescription drugs and pesticides in their products and claimed that none of them were artificial. There is now a class action lawsuit that has been filed against Naked Juice, a product of PepsiCo for using GMO's and other substances in their products when they were labeled as "Non-GMO" and "All-Natural"! These are products that have been trusted by people for years for providing "safe" and "healthy" foods and drinks for our consumption, but now they're on the list of processed crap that our country has produced. 

Here is Max's short video to help you identify organic foods and products when you shop:

Go organic and say "no" to GMO's!

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