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Almost every time I go out, I witness men partying with their friends and spending loads of money on eating and drinking while expecting women to flock to them and rub their beer bellies. I'm usually easy-going, but if I find myself with obnoxious people, I make a beeline for the opposite side of the venue to chat with friends who don't have their insecurities on display. 

Power is sexy, but being healthy and looking good is even sexier! Money won't buy true love, and the type of women that these men expect to have would probably end up leaving them for a man who took better care of himself (unless she was a mail-order bride).

When a man is rich with love, health and self-confidence (not cockiness) is far more attractive than a lonely, fat guy who spends his life trying to buy affection and jerks-off to photos of women that he could have if he just put down the super-sized burger.

A man who can afford a personal trainer ought to realize how lucky he is to have the opportunity to get his ass whipped into shape! We don't expect washboard abs and bulging biceps, but a little muscle tone and a lower BMI sure would be nice to see. Men who work out know that they're not just "manlier", everyone who exercises regularly has more energy, so physical and/or romantic relationships are far more enjoyable, too! If men expect women to look hot, then they ought to put forth some effort, too!

This photo screams ass-grabbing, not love!

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  1. If men expect women to look hot, then they ought to put forth some effort, too! -

    this goes both ways my friend