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I've been passionate about health and nutrition for most of my life and have learned so much more over the past few years, but watching these documentaries this year inspired me to pursue a career in health and nutrition. When assisting others in improving their health and well-being, I'm keeping myself in check as well, and that's such a great feeling! My blog is called 'HEALTH, HAPPINESS & HOTTNESS' because each one compliments the other. When you become beautiful from the inside out through good health, you create a better relationship with yourself and achieve true happiness.

I've battled serious depression for many years and can finally say that I've achieved true happiness because I stopped relying on the love and approval of others to be happy and learned to love myself. We all have our ups and downs - its part of human nature, but maintaining a positive attitude is essential for our happiness and sanity as well! Besides health and beauty tips, I'll continue to share things that inspire me to stay positive and never give up, and hopefully they'll inspire you as well. The best journeys of self-growth are done outside of our comfort zones, and though its scary at first, nothing significant in life can be achieved without risk. These documentaries are must-sees for everyone, so enjoy the trailers and please watch the films, too!

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