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An addiction you can brag about.
I'm so happy to have joined the bodyADDICTS team! Combining 'HEALTH, HAPPINESS & HOTTNESS' with fitness is just killer! bodyADDICTS was created by a fitness model and National Academy of Sports Medicine-certified personal trainer and is the first fitness company of its kind.

What makes bodyADDICS different?

bodyADDICS connects New Yorkers with “train anywhere” fitness professionals who bring them the ultimate interactive fitness experience. Gyms get boring and expensive, but with bodyADDICS, you can join your trainer at any “fitness-friendly” indoor or outdoor facility that’s convenient for you. You’ll get killer workouts that bring real results and have fun while you’re doing it! bodyADDICS provides 24/7 online support from our own network of functional fitness and nutrition specialists, and with the online progress tracker, you’ll reach your goals even faster! Sign up now at http://bodyaddics.com/ and get addicted!

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