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If you obsess about counting calories, you’ll drive yourself crazy! It is rather simple to make better choices when it comes to losing and maintaining a healthy weight with the right foods, but restaurants and advertising have convinced people otherwise. Don’t be so meticulous about calories, the amount that the body should consume daily is different for everyone based on height, weight, age and daily activity. The average daily calories consumed for a healthy and active person should be around 2,000. Going down to 1200 calories or less is unhealthy, because it puts the body in “starvation mode”. That’s right anorexics and manorexics: You won’t just lose fat by barely eating or not eating at all, you’ll lose muscle, and with a metabolism that low, your body will gain weight back more easily.

Staying balanced with a proper diet is best for everyone - health, happiness and hotness is my motto, after all! The most important thing to remember when it comes to calories is how much you are consuming versus how much you burn. Everyone ought to partake in some sort of daily exercise, whether it is a brisk walk, sports, yoga, a group class, taking the stairs or a killer workout with a bodyADDICTS trainer http://bodyaddicts.com.

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