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May your world be surrounded in peace, your heart filled with love, and your thoughts a fountain of wisdom.


If you haven't seen this awesome ad by Dove about body image, here's your chance:

Life isn't about pleasing everyone else, its about being pleased with yourself. We must accept our flaws as part of what makes us all beautiful and unique!

That's love!

Welcome to society. While you’re here, you will be judged on what you wear, what you look like, how you act, who you hang out with, the stores you shop at, the content in your wallet, the music you listen to, and every flaw that you obtain. You will be judged for who you are despite the reasons behind them, and everyone is criticized, so please enjoy your stay. Accept the fact that we can't help from being judged, but we can create a more positive self-image and help others to do the same! I recommend that you read my previous post "Gossip" after viewing these videos.