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My friend Erica Rose (The Bachelor, The Bachelor Pad 2, You're Cut Off) was raving about GOBIE™ a little while ago, so I ordered my first bottle and am a total GOBIE™ lover now!

Rusty Allen is the brains behind GOBIE™, and after reading the article that I have attached the link to below, you'll see why I support his dedication to providing clean water and reducing waste in our environment, too. I lived in Manhattan Beach, CA for quite some time, and Rusty hails from Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach's next-door-neighbor. I live in New York now, but it makes me happy that a product I love with a powerful message comes from such a great area!

With my GOBIE™ bottle and replacement filters, I don't have to waste money buying tons of water bottles and can make any tap water taste great! They're so easy to carry around and are good for 3 months, 100 gallons, or, 290 refills! By using a GOBIE™ instead of buying and disposing of bottled water, we can reduce over 1,000 water bottles which makes a huge impact on our environment. If you want to join me in saving money, reducing our impact on the environment, and enjoying pure water, get your GOBIE™ today! http://gobieh2o.com
Here is a more detailed description of the product:
The GOBIEH2O carbon filter is a critical element of the bottle’s innovative design. Sourced from one of the best filtration development companies in the world and designed with a commitment to conservation and reusability, the GOBIEH2O filter features an ingenious design with a strong scientific pedigree.

Active Carbon is an extremely porous organic material that snares a wide range of harsh chemicals and contaminants. One step past that is activated carbon, which has a positive electrical charge added, therefore making it an even better magnet for chemicals and impurities. Active carbon filters have been shown to be the most effective method for filtering water – so that’s what we use.
In keeping with GOBIE’s commitment to sustainable resources, low-impact manufacturing and providing support for eco-conscious businesses, the GOBIEH2O filters are developed using one of Mother Nature’s own natural resources: coconuts! The strong fibers in the coconut shell are heated and infused with pure oxygen to create the carbon granules that will become the filter for your water.
The best part of using coconut shell as the filter material is that while millions of coconuts are grown for use in carbon filters, the growing process is great for the environment – the acres upon acres of lush, green trees put back more beneficial elements into the atmosphere than they take away. It’s a renewable resource that’s good for the world during its entire life cycle!
The GOBIEH2O water filter is an impressive workhorse, too. You’ll be able to filter 100 gallons of regular tap water – turning it into clean, pure, delicious water – before you need to change your filter. 100 gallons! In bottled water terms, that’s 800 plastic water bottles you won’t be using once and then throwing away. Go GOBIE – and go green.

Message in a Bottle

Message in a Bottle
Americans spent more money last year on bottled water than on ipods or movie tickets: $15 Billion. A journey into the economics - and psychology - of an unlikely business boom. And what it says about our culture of indulgence.

Read the rest of this very important article here: http://www.fastcompany.com/magazine/117/features-message-in-a-bottle.html?page=0%2C0

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