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We are all humans with emotions, but all of these pills are turning people into zombies! "Sad? Tired? Moody? Unable to focus? Suffering from insomnia? We have a pill for that! Oh, but don't forget all the side-effects." Though I do believe that those who are severely bipolar or have PTSD deserve some extra help, but we really ought to stop depending on medication to cure everything. 

I had extensive testing done during my adolescence that proved I have ADHD, some anxiety and a learning disability, but I hate prescription drugs. These days, anyone can go the "doctor" and claim that they have ADD or ADHD just to get Adderol without even considering the health risks. They'd have the opposite reaction of someone who actually has ADD/ADHD, so of course they could study non-stop, they were cracked out!

I believe that trying out and switching different medications to cure what doctors said was "wrong" with me has permanently messed me up a bit. I feel that I am not as creative and imaginative as I used to be, and that is quite heartbreaking. I've been through some really rough periods of my life where I actually needed to be on anti-depressants, but those were only used temporarily. 

Doctors and scientists are making a killing off of keeping us drugged-up when we have a better chance of being cured through talk therapy and natural remedies!

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