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7 Habits of Healthy People
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We've all heard of the seven habits of highly effective people (remember the book that everyone was reading?) but what about the 7 habits of healthy people? Now that is a book I would want to read!
A new study from the UCLA School of Public Health followed 7,000 healthy people for 35 years. The study showed that following their habits not only predicted lower mortality, but those who lived longer also suffered fewer disabilities. So if you want to follow in their footsteps, here are the seven habits of healthy people:
  1. Don't smoke.
  2. Drink moderately or don't drink at all.
  3. Get a good night's sleep of seven or eight hours.
  4. Exercise 30 minutes at a time, several times a week. Walking vigorously is a top choice.
  5. Forget the scales. Eat moderately to maintain weight in relation to height.
  6. Eat regularly, whether that's two meals a day, three or five. Whatever you do normally, keep it up because it's the regularity of life and moderation in eating, sleeping and exercising that makes all the difference.
  7. Eat breakfast every day.
Fit's Tip: I know these may seem obvious, but it is nice to have a study backing it up every once in a while.
It would be best to do 45 minutes to an hour of exercise at least five days a week rather than just half an hour, but a little bit is better than nothing! Remember: In order to call yourself healthy, you must exercise, nurture your body with nutritious foods, never smoke, and drink as moderately as possible. Also, snacking throughout the day (fruits, veggies, nuts, etc.) will keep your energy and metabolism going.

When you don't eat, you aren't only slowing your metabolism, your body begins to eat away at muscle, not just fat! Who wants to be "fat-skinny?" I sure don't! If you shock your body with quick and unhealthy weight loss, you'll just gain it all back, when the smart choice would be to change your lifestyle for good and lose weight gradually so that you can keep it off. It isn't just about being skinny, its about being fit and healthy!

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