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I quit drinking soda almost three years ago, and I don't miss it one bit. The number of reasons that soda is bad for you and the list of chemicals that it contains are too much to name, and that ought to be scary enough! You can argue all you want about diet drinks, but those are actually even worse for you! Right after you finish that first soda, one hundred percent of your daily sugar intake as well as caffeine hits you within minutes, then your blood sugar skyrockets and your internal organs work in overdrive to break down the sugar and store it as fat. 

We all know what caffeine does to our bodies and how that dreadful crash creeps up on you, but did you know that the sugar and caffeine in soda stimulates the dopamine levels in your brain? That's right, its basically like a drug! This lovely beverage also leaches calcium from your bones as well as causing tooth decay from the acid, gingivitis, bladder problems, asthma, eczema, rashes, damage to the female reproductive organs and even cancer!

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