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Disney and romantic comedies have completely brainwashed women. Sure, I'll watch one of those movies and think "wow, he stopped the plane so that they could be together? How romantic!" Then reality sets in, and its a good thing that it does! Many women cannot grasp the fact that the male and female species are different, and they stress themselves out trying to be more understood. Women are very sensitive and emotional creatures due to the fact that we are gatherers and nurturing mothers. Men are the hunters, and it isn't common for them to let their guards down too easily. Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, after all! 

I constantly hear women whining "men suck", "I can't believe he did that", etc., but whose fault is that? Women! If he never had a strong woman who didn't care who he was or what he had and refused to put up with being mistreated, that's why he's still a jerk. "He hasn't called/texted!" Well, then stop waiting by the phone and make other plans! Why make yourself readily available to someone who doesn't even respect you? The quote "never make someone a priority when to them you are an option" certainly comes to mind here.

There are many men out there whose egos are three times the size of what's in their pants because some eighteen year old girl who had never been with a real man told them that they were a stud. Thanks a lot, dumb girl! Now those guys are walking around thinking that they've got it all going on when the smart women can see them oozing insecurity, especially if they sleep around. I won't believe what I hear until its proven true, but I have friends in common with everyone in my life - and that's just by chance! It surprises me how small the world really is, yet people still think that they can get away with so much crap. We ought to stop the hatred towards men and realize that someone probably made them that way - a woman.

You know those people who get into a relationship and are all of a sudden too busy to spend time with their friends? I can't stand them. A healthy relationship consists of two individuals who have their own goals and aspirations in life, but maintain a special bond with each other. They keep their friendships strong and enjoy the occasional G.N.O. (Girls' Night Out) or B.N.O. (Boys' Night Out) without expressing jealous or controlling behavior. Your significant other isn't supposed to be "your reason for living", good heavens, no! They are someone that you love and respect with your whole being, and instead of clinging to each other 24/7, its an escape from the noise and stress of your everyday life.

Just because the pscyhotic hot actresses chase men in the movies doesn't mean that you ought to as well, so keep it old-fashioned. Women are certainly capable of asking men out, but remember that the man is the hunter, so let him court you. When you grow up as a "girly tomboy" and have guy friends, sometimes they forget that a lady is in the room, and too much is shared. The stories that some men have told me about women either cause me to become disgusted with them or completely embarrassed by how stupid some women can be. 

Don't give your power away to a random person who doesn't deserve it (read my other posts: 'Incoherent Hook-Ups Are Not Cute' http://nikiconnor.blogspot.com/2011/07/incoherent-hook-ups-are-not-cute.html and 'Dating' http://nikiconnor.blogspot.com/2011/07/dating.html). You don't want to be one of those people who goes to bars and clubs to find love either, because it won't happen when you're looking for it! You can't find love, it finds you when you are ready for it. Instead of being negative and angry about past relationships - no matter how bad they were, look at each one as a teacher. Though its only happened once before, I know what its like to be in love, and giving your heart to someone who gives theirs in return while being your best friend in the entire world is just beautiful.

If I hadn't learned from experience without being bitter about it, I wouldn't be where I am now: Growing on my own and learning to love and respect myself better. You can inspire others, but you can't change them. Change must come from within!

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  1. Great post Niki... I've blamed the Disney corporation for its detriment to human social interaction for years now. You started with "Disney" but I wish you went deeper into how Disney is partly responsible for embedding false hopes for girls at such a young age that don't exist! Dreams of being a "princess" and finding "prince charming" and "happily ever after", created a fictitious image that men are compared to which ultimately is the disappointment of those women that go around saying "chivalry is dead".
    On that note...
    Chivalry existed at a time when gender roles were clearly defined in the world. That is obviously no longer the case. So why are men still held to the standard of being a prince when there is hardly a princess in the world.