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I don't need to drink to have a good time, I'm a light-weight and actually take breaks from all alcohol consumption a few times a year. When I am drinking, I usually have some wine or rose' with a meal. I'm picky when it comes to hard alcohol, because I'm a control freak (of myself), and being drunk scares more than excites me. When I lived in LA, I was almost always the designated driver and didn't mind that much, because I always want to keep my friends and myself safe. Once I moved to New York, I had to learn to pace myself better, because when you can take the subway, cabs or have a driver, its easy to overdo it! 

If you are going to take shots, please save it for special occasions, because sloppy drunks are not cute! It seems that Grey Goose and Patron have become the most commonly-purchased bottles at bars and clubs, so the buyers must not be aware of the fact that both contain glycerine and aren't even pure!
If you're going to drink vodka, I highly recommend my friend's brand Veev or Belvedere. Veev is a healthier way to drink, and I've worked with Belvedere before. I learned that not only has Belvedere been around for ages, they don't use any additives except for real fruit in their flavored vodka. My friend eased me into enjoying vodka again by mixing his vodka Veev with some tequila, and its delicious! My other favorite Veev cocktail is called a "Brazilian Holy Water" and consists of Veev Acai and water on the rocks, its delicious! 
If your favorite alcohol is tequila (like me) and you can't get to a real tequila bar or enjoy a good vintage bottle, Herradura is always a good choice. I drink my tequila on the rocks with no salt, sparkling water and four limes - yes, exactly four. When I drink a cocktail this way, I don't get as bad of a hangover because there's no triple sec or other sugary additives. My favorite cocktail of all time is at the Bowery Hotel here in New York, one of my favorite hangouts. I forget the name of the drink, but it contains jalapeno and other fresh ingredients that make my taste buds go wild!
As for "the other stuff", 20+ year old Pappy Van Winkle and 25+ year old Macallan on the rocks simply cannot be left out. I'm mostly Irish, though I rarely drink "the dark stuff". I'd like to thank the gentlemen who introduced me to these fine liquors - cheers!

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